Chris Smith (he/his) has been fighting for climate justice and affordable housing through land-use and transportation advocacy since before it was cool. Read more about Chris’s background, how he become one of Portland’s most well-respected community advocates, and his favorite bus line.

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Twenty years ago, doing ballot measure research for City Club, Chris became thoroughly convinced that big money was distorting our politics in very unhealthy ways. Since then, he’s supported a variety of campaign finance reforms, including public financing for campaigns.

In 2008, as a candidate for Portland City Council, Chris earned public financing by convincing more than 1100 individuals to contribute $5 each to his campaign. There’s no similar system to rely on while running for Metro, but we do have clear indications of the will of voters. Most of the district is in Portland and Multnomah County (we still love you, Cedar Mill!). The voters of the City and County have separately adopted ballot measures with $500 contribution limits. While these limits don’t apply to Metro races, Chris intends to abide by them.

Chris will not accept a contribution of more than $500 from any entity in his campaign for Metro District 5.

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